Thursday, October 28, 2010

4 through 12...

As I was getting my block pictures  organized (since I already messed up my order for #1 and #2) I realized I didn't even have pictures of a couple of my blocks.  So, not to add  to my confusion that I find myself in already and since  I have all my blocks done through #12, I am going to post them now  and then from here on out all I have to worry about is one block at a time per month.  So don't hate me, but I have been working on them a little longer than some of you.  ;D

#4....I think this one is my favorite so far.  Lots of red; and I love red!

#5....I love the placement of the flower on my basket.

#6....I like this block.  It's kinda dainty and I love  adding my red/white check here. 

#7...This one bothered me. The stems look like they are behind the bowl and not "in" it, but I guess that is my perfectionism at work.  I followed the pattern AND I love all the cherries and even that some of them aren't ripe (thus the green ones). 

#8...This one was kind of boring to work on.  I think it was because I was doing the same thing in all four corners.  Lot of pieces.  If I had it to do over again, I would place some of my reds in different positions.  I had numbered my pieces and then laid out the fabrics according to numbers rather than their actual placement.  Oh well.

#9...When you are trying to pretty much stick with one line of fabric, I found it hard to find a really good fabric for the bird, but I tried with this particular French General fabric to make the bird look as if he had feathers. 

#10...I like this block.  Maybe it is because of the big cherries.  Kind of a simple block, but I could almost see a whole quilt done up in this one. 

#11...I like the bowl, but the rest of the block is a little too sparse for me.  The one thing I did do with this block though is to use a woven fabric for the background.  I hope I didn't make a mistake by doing that.  It is much heavier than the rest of the backgrounds, but I really wanted that red dot.  There will be one more block with this fabric somewhere down the line

#, this one was a doozy.  Lots of little fingerlings.  Those hairpin turns were time consuming.  I like the block but am glad I don't have to make more of them. 

Well, I hope I didn't bore you too much.  I am caught up now.  So, I am off to start block #13. 


  1. Keener! hehehehe Beautiful blocks and thanks for sharing with us. Now we can all get busy! I'm going to try for 2 per month, but I know some are quite time cosuming, like Block #3 & #13

  2. If you don't have anything else going, I think two blocks a month is doable. It's just that life sometimes gets in the way.

  3. Love them all, they are all gorgeous in their own unique little ways. (hate you....just JOKING!!)

  4. Gorgeous blocks, Mimi! The French General fabric looks fantastic. Love them all...

  5. I do love your blocks. Colour choice - excellent,
    fabric choice - yum, workmanship -precise. It's nice to have your blocks available to inspire.