Thursday, October 28, 2010

Block 1-3

Here are my blocks so far. Individually I don't love each block, but the effect of them all together will be fantastic!!
I'm prepping block 4 today.


  1. I think you are right. The first block has charm, but the 2nd block that I am currently working on is quite a plain, gross (as in large) block with not much happening. As for block 3, I don't know. However, even looking at them together on the computer page there is an accumulated attractiveness. I expect that effect will grow as the quilt does. Your workmanship is fabulous.

  2. I agree. Some of the blocks alone are really plain, but together I think they will be very pretty and airy. Your blocks look lovely.

  3. I love the print you used in block three. I"ll have to choose carefully for that block. Very nice so far!

  4. Lori, I do like your little peeks of that fab turkey red. Makes me want to see more!

    The simplicity of the individual blocks seems to be disturbing some of you (I've not started mine yet) - keep a hold of the big picture...I love the quilt because it's NOT filled to the brim with stuff and it's that which gives the quilt a naiveness I find very attractive. Plus there's all that open space for the cute quilting motifs.

    :) K

  5. Love your blocks Lori! You are brave to make that pineapple block...