Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here's my third block...

I fretted over this block.  I so wanted to incorporate red into this block and just  could not figure out how to do a pineapple with some red, so I went ahead and did it in the yellow green and greens.  Then I have a friend stop by and say "why didn't you use a background with red in it?   Duh! My mind was just so focused on the applique pieces. Where was she when I needed her?   I would have been much happier with this block. So I just told myself that  there will probably be another block or two that is all "green".  Oh well.  It's done and again, it will work well within the whole scheme of things. 


  1. I like the stripes and dots, there will be other blocks to incorporate these fabrics and it will all tie together.

  2. Hi Mimi,
    I love it, I especially admire your courage to change your backgrounds. If you wanted to have some red, what about a little bit of red embroidery on the pineapples? or you could use a red thread when you quilt just these guys...
    You're so ahead of us - its great!

  3. Thanks. I started this quilt right after I found it online through a friend from a message board that I belong to. I downloaded the first three blocks that were still being offered up free and within a couple days they were taken off the site as free and then the fourth block was up. I got in just under the wire. I mean, how lucky can one get? She wasn't taking the blocks down after a month until the fourth block?! My friends say I am an overachiever, but I am just trying to stay on top of this quilt as I want it really bad and if I stick the patterns in a cupboard, I won't get to them. This one free block a month is giving me incentive.

  4. If you are desperate for some red, and since you are so far ahead of the rest of us, why not sew from dot to dot on the yellow spot with red embroidery thread, pineapple fashion. I hope you get what I mean. Just an idea.