Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Block #1, Cherry Trees

Here is my first complete block.  I enjoyed doing it although it took longer than I expected.  My colour scheme is ivory background with scrap raspberry and yellow/green with splashes of orange, yellow and violet.
The vine will be the same throughout.  To make the cherries, I used this ruler that Maths students use.  It has 32 circles from very small to large.  Although the largest is about 2mm less in diameter than the pattern cherries it was close enough.  I cut my own cardboard templates (green circles) and used a size 10 circle, drawn directly onto the cherry fabric for the reverse applique.
My variations are: no embroidery.  I don't enjoy embroidery, although having seen Sharon''s block, I think I may have made a poor decision.  Hers certainly look more like cherries.  They look very cute hanging from their skinny stems.

That's it for now.  I'm keen to start block #2.


  1. I love the folky look of your cherry stems! That's what I'm looking forward to here...seeing the different interpretations of the block designs. Wonderful block!

  2. LOVE your fabric choices, I'm using the same design idea of using only one background and one green fabric for all the stems throughout the quilt, and everything else is going to be a mixed bag of reds,greens, chrome yellow, cheddar and purple.

  3. I'm using a tool similar to yours for my circles. I'll show a photo when I get my blocks posted. Your block is lovely and I think it looks wonderful without the embroidery.

  4. You are all so kind. I think I'm going to love this group! Constructive criticism is fine by me, though.

  5. Love your fabrics. Your block is so cheery and bright.