Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laurel Block

Just received an invitation from Sharon to join this group, and all the blocks that are posted look fantastic! 

This is the only block I have finished so far.  I don't plan to make them all - just a few here and there that catch my eye.  Thanks so much Sharon - look forward to everyone else's interpretations of the blocks in this great quilt!


  1. Hi Dixie - Nice background choice to your lovely block - will you use the same throughout?
    I'm pondering my background choice and am considering doing something like Mimi with a variety of fabrics a'la Blackbird Designs' "When the Cold Wind Blows". I love the look of the Winter Garden and Love Letters quilts in that book. K

  2. Very pretty. I see you couldn't stand the fact that there were less leaves on a couple of the stems. Wouldn't you just love to get into the mind of the original quilter?

  3. Ah, come on Dixie, the whole quilt is great!! LOL