Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Whole Quilt

Here is a link to Gay's site where she has the whole quilt laid out. It's nice to see the whole quilt, sort of like the bulls eye of a target. Now we have a tangible to work towards.
Here are some of my thoughts. Faye, from Mimi's Passion, who is a brown noser and is all caught up and on track, has been kind enough to ponder my border issues. I counted roughly 165 leaves and cherries and when I look at the quilt, I think the cherries are the size of the circles on block 10. In the photo, block 10 is on the far right and it's the 3rd block away from the front.
Those circles are a smidgen over 1" in diameter. So what that translates to one is going to have the original to compare, so close in size will be good enough. If you make 5 cherries for the border every time you make a block, you will have 125 cherries ready to go once you start on the border. Same concept as the leaves. Also note, nothing on this quilt is the same size!
Minick & Simpson did a blog post about making berries/cherries here and here and you can see her sewing down perfect circles here.
I know there are the mylar heat resist circles, but you only get 4 per size. With the paper ones, (English Paper Piecing) you can buy a bag of 100 circles. If you baste and cinch your berries now, by the time you go to use them you won't even have to press or starch them, they will have a permanent crease by then.
This site, Paper Pieces, will custom cut circle templates. She quoted me approximately $5.00 for 100 circles. She will cut them any size. I'm going to order 2 packs of circles that are 1" in diameter for my border. If anyone else wants to order, I would do it from here since she is cutting them anyways for me. I couldn't find them anywhere else online in the U.S. Liz or Kate gave me a line on someone in AUS, but I thought the shipping would be outrageous.

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Lets have fun and share and enjoy. I might take some time this weekend and jazz up the header, I'll have to see if I have time. I really am supposed to be quilting for others, but when the mood strikes for applique, I seem to be able to put everything else on the back burner. How about you?


  1. So the English paper piecing ones are made from sturdy cardboard? This eliminates us cutting them ourselves, right? I think I'd love to order some too if that is what they are. It's a great idea to do a few berries at a time.

  2. Yes, they are the same weight as English Hexi's. I wouldn't try to cut my own circles, every bump on the edge would show up. I'm going to order them tomorrow and I told her I would post her info. I have no affiliation other than I found her on a web search.

  3. Well, Sharon, I am already 12 blocks out so that means I am 12 x 5 cherries behind. I can see I will be doing these at the very end and mumbling and muttering the whole time I am making them. :/

  4. Can we schnoodle up to Gay and ask permission to use one of her photos and crop it for the header of our beautiful blog?

  5. I, and others, have emailed her several times and have never had a response. If someone else has a connection to her, by all means, ask away.

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  7. I would love to order the circles as well, 2 packages would be great, just let me know how much to send you plus shipping