Sunday, February 13, 2011

Block 10

Block 10 done!! I followed Mary's blocks and only embroidered one stem per berry. That's one good thing about being behind everybody else. You get such good advice!!!

I have a question. On a circle like this how do you applique your ends? Mine need a lot of work!!


  1. Very pretty. As to how I finish off my circle, I stitch my stem down and when I get to the end, I fold over the last little bit to finish off the end.

  2. Where can I find the pattern you are using??


  3. Nice job! Your circles look perfect.

    I try to wrap the end around the beginning on circles. I don't start stitching at the beginning but an inch or two down the bias, then I fold over the end and wrap it around. They're far from perfect but not too bad. Does that make sense?

  4. Nice block. You are moving right along. I am glad you asked the question about finishing a circle because I needed some advice on that also.

  5. I just did my first circle and I folded on end under and stitched the inside of the circle and then when I got close to the end, I tucked it back under and made sure the folds butted together. I whip stitched the folded ends together. It's a bit thicker, but when I put it on the wall, you don't notice it. I also trimmed down the bias stem a bit on the part I turned under to reduce the bulk a tiny bit.