Sunday, February 6, 2011

Block 3 finished!

I am on a roll! I had already prepped this block, so hence the reason why it has only taken me a week to stitch it. I am particularly pleased with the fabric I used for the pot. I still have the dreaded pineapple block on the go, but will spend some time this afternoon preparing another three blocks, so it maybe a couple of weeks before I post the next block.

Thanks for the wonderful suggestions of what vodka could be better used for than taking pencil marks off fabric, you are all after my own heart! and continue to make me smile :-)

For any New Zealander reading this blog today - Kia ora, Happy Waitangi Day!


  1. It's smashing Fiona! The basket fabric is so wonderful!!

  2. Sure like where you are going with your color choices, Fiona!
    Very lovely block.
    I have also started prepping a couple of blocks at once - it seems to help give a more cohesive look as I thought my own were beginning to look unrelated. they kind of "feed" on one another.

  3. Very pretty. I love your fabric choices.

  4. You do such beautiful, even stitching - I could tell when I clicked the picture for a closer look at the fabrics. I love your fabric choices, especially the red pot fabric.

  5. I like the basket fabric too. It is a difficult choice for me and so I have delayed those blocks. I also like the fabric on either edge of the basket/pot/vase. Nicely done.

  6. The colors are great. They make me think cool gentle breezes and lawn chairs in the shade. The vodka in a glass on a little table.......