Sunday, February 6, 2011

Block #14

Feeling lazy.  So I decided to do #14 since it is so closely related to #12, my last block.  I didn't even bother to choose new fabrics, justifying that by a reason of cohesion of the quilt!

Did I read somewhere a discussion about several designers of the blocks.  I certainly feel that Block#12 and block #14 are designed by the same person.  Perhaps the quilt was a group effort, or someone wanted a bigger quilt so added blocks from a different source.  Pity we have no provenance on the quilt, or do we? Apologies for picture quality and layout.  It is a miracle that this post even happened at all since I am away from home and struggling with modern technology.  Onto #16.


  1. That's nice! I like the cohesion excuse for not finding new colors.
    I don't think we know anything about this quilt other than a bit of speculation on our part.

  2. The block looks lovely to me. Love the scrappy fabrics. I did the same with my 12 and 14 - similar fabrics from the scrap bag. I am on 16, down to the last 30 circles, maybe tonight?

  3. Very pretty. That fabric you have your block laid out on make it even more interesting.

  4. Group effort, I like that idea. Technology away from home?? Oh my!

  5. I asked a while back if we knew about the quilt maker or if it was 'makers' but no one knows. I'd be amazed if it were just one person since the blocks are so totally different.

    I love this block! There's just something about it that appeals to me more than the more formal blocks with urns. You did a nice job. Have oh so much fun with 16 - I'm glad it's finished!