Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blocks 3, 8, 9, 10, 11

I know you all must think all I do is applique and for the most part you are  right.

This is my block three.  Those dreaded fingers.  I was really surprised when it didn't fall apart when I washed it.  
This is one I am not at all happy with putting it aside while I worked on others was not a good idea because now it doesn't seem to fit in. I changed my yellows and this one seems way too dark.  Heaven forbid I should have to do it over.
If anyone has any suggestions as to how I could make it fit better please speak up.  I would really appreciate it.

Block eight was a fun block and not too challenging just lots of  little leaves.

I didn't do the bird in block nine but I did add an extra leaf.  Most of these blocks don't look at all balanced to me.

 Block ten was another fairly simple block just more leaves.  I left off the embroidery again and just put one stem to each cherry. Thanks for all the information about joining a circle I had never done that in applique' .

 I like block eleven I  made the basket purple instead of green.  I think my quilt has enough green with all those green leaves and stems.

These are my blocks so far.....not a great picture but you can get the idea.  I think I have laid them out like the picture so I could see where I needed certain colors.  Don't want another block three fiasco.

I would really like to catch up so I can  concentrate on just one block a month but the blocks I have let are a little challenging.  I have finished the vines on the grape block but not all those bazillion circles and I see more fingers in blocks 12 and 13.
I don't know where I would be without this blog.  It is so nice to be able to see what everyone else has done with their blocks and all the tips are so helpful.


  1. These are beautiful blocks, Nancy! Very well done! You've really gotten a lot done.

    The best way I know to make a block not stand out so much is to repeat the fabrics in other blocks. It really seems to helps them to play nicely.

  2. Ditto what Mary said!

    Love all your fabric choices!

  3. Lovely. Your fabric selections inspire me to begin this quilt.

  4. That is such an impressive display of your recent handwork! You have been busy & what a treat to see your blocks placed & showing us how this quilt is evolving. I am putting my vacuum cleaner away & heading back to the appliqué!

  5. I think your blocks are ALL gorgeous. I can't see where the problem lies with #3. Don't touch it until all the blocks are completed, because I think it will be just fine. I love your scrappy look. It works really well.

  6. Fantastic applique and the pineapple block really doesnt seem to stick out that badly. I love how you have them up on your wall. I need to do that too! Keep up the great work!

  7. I love them all. Don't change a thing. There are 25 blocks and the variety will just make it interesting. The little things we don't like will disappear amongst them all. I agree with Mary, too, just use a little bit of each fabric more than once and then there won't be a problem. Love it.

  8. You are doing great, when I started quilting I was shown with a 12 block sampler to not get excited about what is fitting in until you get3/4 through, then you can start balancing and adding. With 25 blocks, I'm just making each one and at 18 - 20 I'll see what I need to add. LOVE the purple vase, I might do that too, I'm trying to put some purples in the flowers as well.

  9. Thanks for your encouragement. A suggestion I had from a friend was to just change the two really dark pineapples and leave the other two. I may do that but for now I am leaving block three as it is.
    All the nice thoughts from this group makes you want to keep sewing.