Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Join a Circle

Hi everyone,
First off, my camera died when I started to take photos of this process, so I put in the spare ones from my camera case. Well, they were dead it's a photoless post, but I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have.
OK, I started by putting my background fabric over top of my pattern so I could see the lines from below. I took my blue wash out marker and made little dots all around where the bias stem would go.  Next I took a piece of painters tape and taped down one end of my bias stripe, leaving a good inch hanging out on the end.  Carefully I inched my way along with the bias strip, making sure I didn't stretch the bias stem.  Once I got to the end where I needed to join the strip, I used this method.
Here I have posted step by step with photos about adding binding.  How I joined my bias stem is EXACTLY the same way I joined the two ends of a binding.
When you join the two ends, it requires that you open up your folds.  Once you have joined your ends and pressed the seam open, you need to re press your bias strip.  I used a few dots of Roxannes Basting glue to help turn under the sides and then pressed.
Once I had a circle of bias, I put dots of glue along my blue dots.   Carefully lay your circle along the glue line and manipulate it with your fingers.  I ended up with a circle that you cannot see the join.
I hope this helps and once you see the tutorial photos, it should all be clear.  I also found a very good way to make ends on the bias strips that are not covered with a flower.  I definitely need photos to tell that method so I will share it later in the week.
Hope everyone got in some stitching time this weekend,

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  1. Thank you--I will try this. The bindings on my quilts are all made using this method, and think its perfect for this too.