Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Block 8

Here is block #8. I have to say this block forced me to change my strategy. I had maybe 17 leaves appliqued and I wasn't looking forward to picking it up again. Too many leaves, all the same color- BORING! It is what I want for this quilt, but not my usual quilt style.
So, I made myself happy and machine appliqued the rest of the leaves on. I hand appliqued the stems because I do enjoy it, but am also pleased with my decision to get this block done. I'm perfectly fine with a mix of hand and machine applique.
This was a block I skipped by mistake so now I'll be prepping block number 10!!


  1. I have to admit that this block bored me, too. What's fun about this BOM is that every block is different and this one had four sections the same. I was tired of re-doing the same thing over four times. Your block did turn out beautiful though and I am sure you will love it within the whole quilt.

  2. I don't mind repetition. Mine usually don't LOOK the same! Oh well. I admire anyone who can machine applique.

  3. Your block looks very nice - and I thought #2 with all those leaves was repetitious!
    Do you wonder if there was some sort of symbolism in the 4 units being identical? Who knows??? We all love a challenge though.

    Well done!!!

  4. I must learn to do machine applique some time. it certainly saves some time, but I do like to do hand work. I can not see the differences in your block. Well done!

  5. Whatever method works for you is the one to use. It's better to get the block finished - and you did a good job with your machine. I can't tell in the picture which is which!

  6. I think all those leaves was one of the reasons why I chose this block first - get it out of the way! It is also why I chose to do them all in different fabrics - to relieve the monotony!
    You did a great job!